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Cytora's analytic technology monitors the content of the web to discover risks to your assets in real time

Real Time Data

See breaking risk events to give you early warning of change


Define your exposure to only capture relevant information


Multiple views to save you time and deepen your insight


Get immediate updates when conditions suddenly change

Examples of our Data in Action

Our data is deployed across a range of applications and industries to help organisations understand, monitor and manage their risk environment.

Threat Intelligence

Strategic Analysis


Political Risk Analysis should be driven by Political Risk Data

Cytora was founded on the belief that data used to evaluate Political and Geopolitical Risk was poor quality, sparse, out of date and low resolution - leading to gaps in knowledge and costly failures.

Using our unique event extraction technology deployed against the entire contents of the web, we generate vast amounts of reliable and real time event data - across all major political risk types - enabling global organisations make informed decisions about their risk exposure.

We provide a single cloud based platform for you to view political risk data relevant to your operations.

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Event Data Across The Spectrum of Political Risk


Protest activity including anti-west, government and political protests.


Corruption against government and private companies.


Strikes against government, corporates, and institutions.


Conflict events ranging from assaults to rebel activity to war.


Terrorist activity such as suicide bombings and attacks on assets.


Threats to boycott, embargo, ban, blockade and interrupt operations.

Social Unrest

Civil demands for social, economic, and political reform.


Confiscation and expropriation of assets.

We monitor the web for low visibility, high impact threats








Political Risk Categories

How our platform works

Data Collection

We scan and collect data from thousands of high quality public web sources distributed across the world.

Event Extraction

From these data sources, our event extraction technology identifies risk events, the actors involved, and time and location.

Data Visualization

Our tools enable you to customize the data to fit your risk exposure and explore this risk information in a matter of seconds.


Threat - Protest/Road Block

شرطة مكافحة الشغب اليمنية تبعد محتجين حوثيين عن طريق المطا

SANAA - Protesters from the group blocked the Houthi Shiite road between the capital and the main airport in Yemen