We are working to solve some incredibly complex problems, and we are building a world class team to help us. 

Cytora was spun out of the University of Cambridge. We use artificial intelligence to build knowledge about global change. 

Here you’ll find rewarding challenges that lead to exciting opportunities, and a culture that is built on collaborative problem solving. You will become an expert in numerous topics depending on where your work takes you, and you'll have the opportunity to learn from the best.

We are always looking for bright minds with a voracious appetite for learning. We recruit on a rolling basis. 

Current Vacancies

To apply for a role at Cytora, please send your cover letter and CV to hiring@cytora.com

Our People

Our philosophy is to look for people we would want to start a company with and hold on to them.

We share the belief that the web continues to become the richest factual data store about the world, and bringing quantified decision-making to the world's most important industries will bring resounding progress to society.

We are invested in and backed by people and organisations experienced in growing businesses and pushing the envelope of technical capability.



We seek to extend the frontiers of knowledge using artificial intelligence.


Be thoughtful and aim to nourish other people.


Practise irreverence, break down the status quo.


Openness leads to our collective development.