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Our mission

Join us on our mission to build the future of insurance

At Cytora you will work alongside some of the brightest minds in machine learning, AI and software engineering. You'll be part of projects that have a global impact, helping to build a more impactful risk industry that can absorb more of the risk of the world, closing the protection gap and enabling businesses to thrive.

Our culture

An environment like no other

Our culture is built on collaborative problem-solving. We celebrate originality and first principle thinking and give people the authority to solve problems creatively. We prize curiosity, taking ownership and solving hard problems that unlock value for our customers. Our team members have a range of different backgrounds, and we believe in the value of creating a diverse team. We recruit on a rolling basis. If you'd like to work with us but don't see an opening that suits your skillset, we would still like to hear from you.

Our Values

What makes us Cytorian

What can you do in a day?

We do rather than talk and take action rather than speculate. We will try things that fail and we learn faster by doing.

Make success inevitable

We have courage to take ownership, the grit to overcome obstacles and commitment to cross the finish line.

Individuals don’t scale

We strive to build something that is bigger than just one person, better than what we are each capable of, more impactful than we can imagine today.

We put customers first

Our highest priority is the success of our customers. We are genuine, committed and we strive for their success.


We put ownership, flexibility and community at the heart of everything we do

We are a diverse global team made up of Cytorians from different backgrounds who have heterogeneous points of views. Explore the benefits that create an environment that is fun, fulfilling and productive.

Remote first

Cytorians can choose to work from any UK, EU or US location they choose, no longer restricted by the unnecessary demands of a physical office.

Flexible working hours

Simply put, we don’t much care what hours you work as long as it’s sustainable, and you get the job done. That means no permission needed to walk the dog, hit the gym, take a nap, get some air, see the dentist, do the school run…

Home office budget to set up your perfect workspace

And a £2000 per year Work-from-anywhere budget, when you need a break from your perfect workspace, and want to head to the Alps (other terrains available) for a change of perspective.

Parental leave with no tenure requirement

So you don’t have to choose between prioritising your career and your family. Moving away from the typical maternity/paternity leave to focus on primary and secondary leave. Primary leave is 18 weeks whilst secondary leave is 6 weeks, instead of the statutory 1-2.

25 days of paid leave

In addition to public holidays, increasing to 27 days with tenure

Team social events and quarterly international offsites

So that we can build and maintain great relationships without sacrificing the freedom we get from being remote.

Stock options

So everyone has skin in the game, we share ownership of what we’re creating, and we all reap the rewards or our success.

£1500 annual L&D budget

A strong learning culture and absolutely no siloes - whatever your specialism or skill set, you will have exposure and access to everything we do, and to every opportunity we can offer, so that you can own and drive your own development and progression.


Our interview process

The number and format of interviews that you'll go through will depend on the role that you're looking for. We want to give everyone the best chance at demonstrating their abilities, and we’re completely aware that you’re evaluating us as much as we are you. We’ll be as transparent as possible throughout the process, so you’ll know if it’s the right role and team for you. A typical process will begin with a phone or video interview with a member of the talent team, followed by 2-3 rounds of video interviews with Cytorians across delivery and leadership.

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