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In today's competitive landscape, customer and broker expectations are changing

Speed, convenience and consistent control over risk selection and decision making matter most. To meet these expectations, insurers must leverage the right technology to provide the experiences that brokers and customers demand. Built for commercial and specialty insurance, Cytora is the configurable platform that enables insurers to digitize and streamline their core workflows driving improved premium growth, profitability and service across all lines of business. The Cytora platform is uniquely configured for each insurer accelerating competitive differentiation.

Digital risk flows

Digitize. Evaluate. Decision

Risk digitization

Cytora collects risk submissions from multiple intake channels turning each risk decision-ready by extracting key data fields, augmenting with internal and external data sources and classifying the risk with different fields to fulfil the target schema. Cytora supports all submission types from new business to renewals to claims and streamlines end-to-end workflows while enabling control over clearance, risk accumulation and cross sell.

Risk evaluation

Cytora understands the unique context of the risk relative to different business rules including risk appetite, portfolio strategy, straight-through processing thresholds and other configurable rules, enabling risks to be processed differently through multi-step workflows providing control over target portfolio shape. Cytora enables each insurer to encode their unique rules via a dedicated configuration layer.

Risk decisioning

Cytora routes decision-ready risks, claims and other transactions to the right destinations while enabling consistent and effective decisioning across the risk journey. Cytora integrates with and updates destination systems including CRM, policy administration and pricing engines with the correct risk information eliminating rekeying and streamlining the end-to-end journey.


Uplift premium and improve combined ratio


uplift in premium growth 

Create new capacity to quote more, bind more and service more of the right risks


underwriting margins

Improve loss ratio by up to 3pp through superior control over risk selection and decisioning


broker service

Improve broker experience by halving turnaround time across the whole risk lifecycle


Powered by Generative AI

Cytora is powered by Generative AI enabling insurers to accelerate configurability, scalability and performance across all lines of business. The Cytora platform comes with pre-trained schemas, template multi-step workflows and a quality control console while enabling risk schemas to be refined on a zero-shot basis. Cytora enables risk professionals to ask questions of the submission flow in the context of the in-force portfolio, from understanding where risk is outsized, to shaping decisioning in line with the target portfolio.

Streamline end to end risk journey

Uplift efficiency across the risk journey by digitizing, standardizing and summarising risk data for decisioning in a way that is fully traceable

Superior decision consistency

Ask questions of the risk submission flow in the context of the in-force portfolio to facilitate better and more consistent decisions

Capture clean AI ready data

Capture clean, standardised, schema aligned data to accelerate model development


Security at our core

The right protocols 

A company is only as secure as its people. At Cytora we follow best practices, train our staff on a global basis, and routinely and exhaustively test our end-to-end processes to ensure maximum compliance.

Built in security

The Cytora platform is ISO certified and designed with built in enterprise grade security. Our cloud deployments are managed, standardised, tested, and audited, with robust access controls that fluently scale to meet customer demand.



Award-winning technology

Risk flow center

Everything you need to start and continue your transformation

Evolving from manual workflows to digital risk flows requires cross-functional collaboration and buy-in from key stakeholders. Risk Flow Centre is designed to equip your organisation with all the necessary resources to accelerate the digital transition and ensure success on the path to becoming a digital-first insurer. From simple explainers of how to digitise core workflows to accelerate business objectives, to key sources of value, to typical integration patterns, through to documentation.

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Trusted by the world's top insurers

Jon-Paul Jones

Chief Operating Officer

Cytora’s digital risk processing platform allows us to drive efficiency and effectiveness across our underwriting workflows, providing our brokers and customers better, faster service and enables us to have a more competitive, scalable and data-driven proposition for our commercial clients across the globe.”

Jon-Paul Jones

Chief Operating Officer

Troy Dehmann

Chief Operating Officer

We are investing in digital capabilities to unlock scalable growth, Cytora enable us to streamline key workflows enhancing efficiency and effectiveness and further developing how we use data to drive decision making across the group and accelerating our profitable growth.”

Troy Dehmann

Chief Operating Officer

Neil Galjaard

Managing Director

At Markel, we are committed to giving brokers and clients enhanced service levels and Cytora will enable us to create capacity to effectively grow our scale in our key sectors and enable our underwriters to provide further enhanced service to customers and brokers.”

Neil Galjaard

Managing Director

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