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All lines of business, one scalable platform

Commercial and Speciality insurers can have hundreds of lines of business, all of which have their own product schema. Cytora provides template schemas across all lines of business across Commercial P&C and Speciality, enabling insurers to accelerate deployments and at the same time have control over how schemas are tailored to their unique requirements. Out of the box schemas can be easily configured using no code functionality by each insurer enabling them to accelerate competitive differentiation and agility. Each lines of business schema can be easily evolved to speed up the identification, testing and operationalisation of new data fields across different sources.


Out-of-the-box schemas

Cytora provides pretrained schemas across all lines of business within Commercial P&C and Specialty. Insurers can jumpstart deployments with preconfigured schemas enabling them to scale digitization faster across diverse lines of business and countries. Each line of business schema can be easily refined and expanded to speed up the testing and operationalisation of new data fields across different data sources.


Template workflows

Cytora provide out-of-the-box template risk flows across all major workflows from onboarding new business, streamlining renewals to mid-term adjustments enabling flows to be easily deployed and reused across different countries and divisions. This enables insurers to reach scale rapidly and achieve global consistency in how risk is onboarded, evaluated and processed. Template workflows support transformation programs focusing on standardising operational processes and unlocking superior risk insight.


Configure with ease

The low code nature of the Cytora platform enables insurers to accelerate agility and competitive differentiation. Each insurer can uniquely define their own data schemas, integrate different data sources, encode their rules, define multi-step workflows and combine different processing models to balance multiple objectives from uplifting premium growth to enhancing decision quality.

We pick better risks and with the speed, save operating expenses. Cytora means we can come to better underwriting decisions, save operating expenses, so we increase our margins."

Steve Blakey

President Starr Insurance Holdings

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