Persona-based console

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Persona-based console

Insurers need to scale judgement across a progressively higher volume of risks and provide modern experiences to underwriters to drive superior decisioning and team retention. The Persona-Based Console enables multiple people from administrative assistants, to underwriters, to underwriting managers through to leadership to effectively and efficiently make decisions on risk. The Cytora console is configured to support different operating models across the continuum from small, to medium to large commercial risks. Different processing modes can be configured relative to risk complexity enabling insurers to underwrite by exception in low complexity segments and undertake comprehensive risk analysis for complex risk flows. Cytora automatically updates multiple downstream systems including CRM, Rating Engines and Policy Admin reducing rekeying and enabling a unified journey.


Coordinate teams around the risk

The Cytora console is configurable to different roles and levels of risk complexity. Cytora enables different workspaces to be created relative to workflows, roles and expertise levels, enabling teams to effectively allocate capacity to the right tasks and make coordinated decisions on risk.


Situate risk in context

Cytora enables risks to be viewed in the context of different cohorts and the in-force portfolio enabling underwriters to identify where risk is unusual or out-sized relative to similar risks. Cytora enables multiple risk views to be visualised, enabling underwriters to zoom into areas of the risk that require attention.


Workspaces for each persona

The Cytora console is schema-driven which means when new or updated data fields are added from submission, internal and external sources, they are instantly available for decisioning in the Cytora console. One-to-one identity between risk data and decisioning enables insurers are able to act quickly to adjust to changes in risk and market conditions by operationalizing newly available data insights into risk decisioning workflows at zero marginal cost.

At Markel, we are committed to giving brokers and clients enhanced service levels and Cytora will enable us to create capacity to effectively grow our scale in our key sectors and enable our underwriters to provide further enhanced service to customers and brokers."

Neil Galjaard

Managing Director

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