Quality Control Layer

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Quality control layer

Streamline end to end business processes

Insurers need balance the twin objectives of accuracy and efficiency to streamline how risks are processed within predefined guardrails. The Cytora platform balances accuracy and efficiency objectives enabling underwriters to receive decision-ready risks that arrive with the complete set of data needed to underwrite the risk. Digital risk processing identifies which risk fields require human review including the level of judgement required and matches specific risk fields to reviewers enabling a dynamic relationship between the risk record and validation steps through the processing path. Cytora provides a review and exception management layer to guarantee downstream data accuracy and maximise the quality of labels injected back into the platform enabling model optimization.

Quality control layer

Balance speed and accuracy objectives

Underwriting is only as good as the data it’s based upon. Cytora is committed to providing the most accurate risk information. Data fields that have low confidence levels are identified based on confidence thresholds and routed for human review. Cytora has an easy to use console that enables admin teams and risk professionals to review specific risk fields and streamline how they enter the correct data enabling the risk to continue on the digital journey to the correct destinations.

Persona driven console

Coordinate your team around the risk

Cytora’s persona driven console gives different people different tasks based on role and expertise definitions. It enables field level tasks to be assigned based on powerful conditionality to enable coordination and minimise wasted effort. When fields require human review or human input, the relevant user is matched to the schema field to accelerate the completion of the risk record. The Cytora platform enables multiple people to review and act upon the same risk simultaneously for example, setting conditionality on where risks need to be reviewed for confidence reasons or when expertise thresholds are required based on predefined complexity levels.

End-to-end solution

Human review and exception management

Cytora provides a human review and exception handling layer to guarantee data accuracy for the entire risk intake. Cytora provides full observability enabling risks to be reviewed and validated continuously as they flow through multiple steps of the risk processing journey. When data cannot be automatically digitized due to confidence reasons or because fields are missing from transactional requests, Cytora’s human review and exception management team enables low confidence fields to be reviewed and completed through an accelerated review workflow, enabling the highest levels of downstream data quality and maximising the quality of labels used to drive continuous model optimization.

At Markel, we are committed to giving brokers and clients enhanced service levels and Cytora will enable us to create capacity to effectively grow our scale in our key sectors and enable our underwriters to provide further enhanced service to customers and brokers."

Neil Galjaard

Managing Director

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