49 MIN

Leadership, Diversity and Data: How Hiscox Stays on Top in Insurance | Stephane Flaquet, Hiscox

In this episode of Making Risk Flow, host Juan de Castro speaks with Stephane Flaquet, the Group Chief Operations and Technology Officer at Hiscox. Stephane is a financial services professional with broad experience in all aspects of operations, technology, and change management. Stephane’s love for the industry spawns from the social purpose of insurance, and the responsibility of protecting clients' assets, as well as the industry's ability to be a great place to combine people and technology.

Together, Juan and Stephane discuss the vital roles of culture, leadership, and data in the insurance industry today. The pair also highlight how Hiscox's unique culture has contributed to its success, explore the essential characteristics of strong leadership and the challenges of maintaining a thriving culture as a company grows, why diverse teams increase business performance in insurance, and what insurance professionals can learn from elite sporting teams.If you'd prefer to watch the episode instead, simply click here!