Cytora and DynaRisk partner to help insurers understand and reduce cyber risk

Tie up will enable underwriters to instantly identify whether a company’s data has been stolen or if it’s being targeted on the dark web

London, UK; 17th April 2024: Cytora, the leading digital risk processing platform, has partnered with cybersecurity company DynaRisk

The partnership will enable insurers to use DynaRisk’s suite of cyber risk assessment data on Cytora’s platform. As a result, underwriters will immediately be able to take into account a host of data points regarding a company’s exposure to cyber risk when calculating insurance quotes. This will enable more comprehensive risk evaluation and better decision-making. 

DynaRisk’s tools include ‘Leaked Data’ which determines whether a person or business has had its data stolen; ‘Hacker Chatter’ which can identify whether an individual or business is the subject of discussion on the dark web - this includes hacker reconnaissance and active attacks; ‘Vulnerability Check’ which determines if a company is using outdated software which could be susceptible to hacks; and ‘Open Service Check’ which can scan to see if a business has high risk services exposed to the internet which could be exploited by hackers.

Cytora’s partnership with DynaRisk is a recognition of the increasing prioritisation of cyber risk by businesses and insurers. It is also the latest in a series of partnerships that Cytora has signed as part of its mission to build one of the world’s most comprehensive data ecosystems for insurers. 

Juan de Castro, COO at Cytora, said: “We’ve seen in recent years just how damaging a hack or data breach can be to a business and its customers. This risk is only going to increase as hackers become more and more sophisticated. Consequently, it is increasingly important for insurers to accurately determine the level of cyber risk a business or individual has. This is a very complicated process - but through partnerships like this - we can provide insurers with all the insights and tools they need to make faster and more accurate risk evaluations and decision-making.” 

Andrew Martin, Founder and CEO at DynaRisk, said: "Our partnership with Cytora is reshaping how risk assessment is conducted. By incorporating DynaRisk's intelligence, we're empowering underwriters to make more informed decisions than ever before. This is about deepening the understanding of cyber risk, leading to smarter, more accurate insurance offerings.’’

Cytora’s tie up with DynaRisk follows a period of significant growth for Cytora including agreeing a major collaboration with Chubb and the launch of the latest enhancement to its platform which leverages Large Language Models (LLMs) alongside Cytora’s proprietary AI to bring a new level of accuracy and efficiency to risk assessment and underwriting processes.

About Cytora

Cytora is the configurable platform that enables commercial insurers to process risks at greater efficiency and accuracy. Cytora digitises every incoming risk, augments them with additional data sources, evaluates them against multiple rules, including appetite and priority rules, and routes them to downstream systems for automated or manual underwriting.

About DynaRisk

Founded in 2016 in London, DynaRisk is the first intelligence-led Cyber Insuretech provider. DynaRisk provides cyber risk management software, cyber intelligence data and cyber risk advisory services to the insurance industry for both commercial and personal lines. DynaRisk serves hundreds of thousands of consumers and thousands of businesses worldwide every day. Their products are integrated into insurance, bancassurance and assistance programs across North America, Latin America, EMEA, Asia and Oceania, helping clients generate new revenue streams, improve loss ratios, increase engagement and protect their customers from cyber attacks.