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Cytora and Moody’s Analytics partner to digitise and streamline core risk workflows

The partnership will enable insurers to operationalize leading data providers directly into their core workflows driving uplift to GWP, superior control over risk selection and decision-making

London, UK; October 20, 2022: Cytora, a digital risk processing platform, and Moody’s Analytics, a leading provider of financial intelligence and analytical tools, have partnered to provide the commercial insurance industry a more streamlined and informed understanding of risk. The data provided by Moody’s comes pre-integrated into the Cytora platform providing insurers with a superior risk selection driving an uplift to GWP.

Through this partnership, commercial insurers now have access to Moody’s Analytics data and insights within Cytora’s risk digitisation platform, enabling enhanced data insights and faster decision-making.

Moody’s Analytics has a track record of innovating on how insurers can access company information, including credit ratings, to evaluate and manage risk, making it a highly sought-after data source. Integration of data sources like Moody’s Analytics directly into risk processing workflows enables insurers to digitise their core workflows, make better-informed decisions on risk and improve speed to market; enhancing broker and client experience.

From a data strategy perspective, Cytora’s digital risk processing platform enables insurers to operationalize data more broadly across their lines of business, (including for risk clearance, onboarding and triage) and more effectively through their multi-step workflows from submission to quote.  

The partnership builds on a growing ecosystem of data and insight providers, pre-integrated into the Cytora platform, enabling an integrated and streamlined end-to-end customer journey.  

Juan de Castro, COO of Cytora, said:

“Two major challenges insurers faced when trying to use external data, was the integration cost, and the challenge of embedding new data in the underwriting process and decision making. This partnership expands Cytora’s data marketplace, allowing insurers to operationalize Moody’s Analytics data at the flip of a switch, in these workflows. Driving superior risk evaluation, while avoiding costly integration efforts.”

James Ingram, Managing Director at Moody’s Analytics adds:

“Chief underwriting officers we speak with are investing in data and analytics to improve risk selection, enhance the customer experience and increase cost efficiencies. Data management is fundamental to achieving these objectives. The Moody’s partnership with Cytora brings advanced technology and valued data assets together to enable insurers to unlock competitive advantage in their underwriting workflows. We’re excited about the potential this will deliver for our customers and what it means for overcoming data challenges that confront the wider industry.”