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Cytora Partners with ShipsDNA to Enhance Maritime Risk Assessment with Data APIs

Digital risk processing enhanced with maritime data via partnership with ShipsDNA

London, UK; 13 July 2023: Cytora, the leading digital risk processing platform, has announced a strategic partnership with ShipsDNA, a provider of Maritime Data & Information Services, to integrate ShipsDNA’s data APIs into the Cytora platform. This collaboration aims to empower insurers with enhanced maritime risk assessment capabilities through access to comprehensive maritime data.

ShipsDNA’s Maritime Data & Information Services offer a wide range of data related to vessels, ports, routes, and maritime events. By integrating ShipsDNA’s robust data APIs into the Cytora platform, insurers gain seamless access to reliable and up-to-date maritime data, enabling them to make more informed underwriting decisions and improve their risk assessment processes.

In the dynamic and complex maritime industry, accurate and timely data is crucial for insurers to effectively assess risks associated with vessels, routes, and ports. The integration of ShipsDNA’s data APIs into the Cytora platform equips insurers with comprehensive insights into maritime activities, helping them evaluate risks and optimize underwriting strategies.

This partnership allows insurers to leverage advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities to streamline their underwriting processes, enhance risk assessment accuracy, and make data-driven decisions in the maritime insurance sector.

Juan de Castro, COO of Cytora, “We are excited to partner with ShipsDNA to enhance our customers’ maritime risk assessment capabilities. By integrating ShipsDNA’s Maritime Data & Information Services into the Cytora platform, insurers can access a wealth of reliable maritime data, enabling them to make more accurate and faster underwriting decisions on maritime risks.”

Nos Nosike of ShipsDNA “We are delighted to collaborate with Cytora to empower insurers with comprehensive maritime data solutions. ShipsDNA’s data APIs provide insurers with access to reliable maritime data, enabling them to effectively assess risks and make informed decisions. This partnership with Cytora will enhance insurers’ maritime risk assessment capabilities and contribute to more efficient underwriting processes.”

This partnership exemplifies Cytora’s commitment to equipping insurers with innovative risk processing solutions while leveraging ShipsDNA’s expertise in providing comprehensive maritime data services.

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