This lesson discusses the various intake methods, including central destination and sending risks via mail to Cytora File address.
Intake Method
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Input Methods


Hi and welcome. In this video, we'll unpack the two intake methods for submissions. We'll look at how Cytora is used as a central destination and how to send a submission type via email client to your Cytora address. Let's begin with the central intake method.

The ideal digital risk processing workflow involves sorting all incoming submissions to a centralised destination. For example, an inbox such as Property New business@insurermailbox.com.

While centralised inboxes may exist for specific business classes or be distributed across regions and teams, they can all be forwarded to Cytora for processing.

Regardless of how submission types are organised into a single inbox or split. Further, based on deployment scale, Application Programming Interface or API is the preferred method for integrating them into the digital risk process.

We'll explore API in detail in the next video. However, the simplest method of getting the submission to the Cytora platform is simply to forward it to a Cytora mailbox set up as part of all deployments to cover manual submission. Ingestions. Although this method can be more difficult to report on or identify missing or bounced emails, the benefit of this method is that it can be completed without any IT involvement or development effort from an insurer. They can simply forward documentation to the specific email address. It is not however, the most effective long-term solution or the method that should be aimed for.

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